Discography / El alma en la raíz (Leonardo Bravo interpreta a Marcelo Coronel)

 “A true tradition is not the testimony of a dead past; it is a living strength that animates and informs to the present”

Igor Strawinsky



This work recognises, firstly, an origin: the deep love we feel for our country’s music. A shared manner to understand the popular art’s evolution joins to this fundamental coincidence: the societies are essentially dynamic, therefore their artistic creations experience mutations; they evolve constantly, like the rest of their expressions. In accordance with this view, our search points towards a new manner to “say” native root music; towards a language that give rise to a renewed style, keeping essential links with the folklore.


For the composer, this presupposes to walk on a kind of cornice, to pursue a delicate balance. And when the compositions have been gestated throughout a long time -as in this case-, the whole appears rather heterogeneous; some works contain a high percentage of innovative material, whereas another are near the sources.


For the player, the contact with these new works generated basically two things: the pleasure of playing them and the challenge of finding the essence contained in each of these compositions. He carried out this task respecting his own feeling, committed in the search of the guitar’s sound richness, and loyal to the composer’s creative thinking.


We hope this work deserves the listeners’ respect. If besides it gave pleasure them, we couldn’t ask more.


Marcelo Coronel and Leonardo Bravo


01 A la fuerza

02 El Ñandubaysal

03 El alma en el escombro

04 El alma en la raíz

05 Rumores de la barranca

06 Germinación

07 Esperanza'e pobre

08 El triciclo de Mariano

09 Modorra litoraleña

10 La crecida

11 El alma en el atril

12 Umpo Koloca

13 Pa' Lisandro


 El Alma en la Raiz is number 25 in the catalogue of EPSA music's 'Guitarras del Mundo' series, and features two outstanding musicians.

One is the composer, Marcelo Coronel who has proved with a single CD alone that he is worthy of international fame and throughly deserving of any fame which this recording may bring him. Without exception the music is wholly enchanting and the musical interest never wanes with the compositions varying moods and complexities.

The other is the performer, Leonardo Bravo, who, working closely with Coronel, interprets this lovely music with grace and panache. He has a refined and delicate touch but when something more agressive is needed he has the equipment to handle it.

Altogether a delight from start to finish and a recording that I can thoroughly recommend.

Steve Marsh

Classical Guitar Magazine 

(England, 2002)



Popular or folklore music contains many basic elements to be developed and enriched, renewing itself without loosing it's essence and spirit, giving identity to the country where it belongs.

I find the task of the composer Marcelo Coronel excellent and very interesting because his works are inspired in the traditional folklore, incorporating rich and unexpected harmonies, offering a new language as regards the guitar, a unique instrument which has the necessary resources to achieve that goal.

Leonardo Bravo plays with skill and good taste the works of Coronel. This player who identifies himself with the composer, opens a new possibility in guitar composing, which will surely be well accepted by the lovers of this empty piece of wood that sings and cries.

Eduardo Falú